Get up and start showing up for yourself.

Updated: May 23

I became complacent.

It's a character flaw of mine. I'll own that.

"I wrote and people read it, and now I've proven that I can do it, so I can stop for a while."

"I have a partner that is clearly head over heels for me, so I can stop trying so hard."

"They can't actually expect me to teach my children all of this while working on my marketing projects and getting my real estate license - how is this fair?"

"I gained 15 pounds cause I make everything with a stick of butter and a side of french fries..meh, gyms are closed and I was skinny anyways."

Between home schooling my two girls, real estate licensing classes, my blog and my relationship - I think only one actually made it through all of this, and that one is still in progress. My motivation got swallowed by quarantine, and I sat and made excuses for my poor behavior.

We have to have more respect for ourselves than being OKAY living a mediocre life.

Going through the motions, overthinking, feeling insecure, looking for validation from others, and blaming others for my problems...jeez I sound so sad... My post quarantine goal is to get out of this mindset. Yo, if you're reading're a bad bitch - don't let anyone, or any situation EVER make you feel like you are less than you are. Not even quarantine.

As we come out of this quarantine bit by bit, remember - the solution to your problems is YOU.

YOU are the only one that can pull yourself out of a funk. Get the hell up and start showing up for yourself.

Non Pro Tip:: Not feeling connected enough to the world around you after being quarantined- join Bumble BFF (y'all I joined last night and I was terrified, but it isn't that bad!) Once you get passed the feeling that you are hitting on potential girlfriends you'll be good to go!

And can I tell you - getting a match with a new potential girlfriend is 100% more thrilling than matching with a guy - and they'll likely never leave you on read.

Now...back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Kristian K

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